We call it “All inclusive” and that is exactly what it is, everything is included.

The skating equipment is the latest on the market, the most secure and it is complete, including a change of clothes which is packed and ready in your personal backpack. We have chosen to provide this for you as it is the easiest way to guarantee a safe and easy way to skate all day.The backpack weighs about 10-12kg.

The philosophy behind All inclusive

The philosophy behind All inclusive is to save as much time as possible and guarantee all of our guests’ safety. Us knowing that all the right equipment is in tact means a lot less to worry about and a lot more time being spent enjoying ourselves skating. As we see it, it is on the ice we want to be, for as long as possible, to skate as much as we can.

We love to skate in all ways possible, for simple enjoyment, exercise or a social experience out in the nature together. We know what equipment is seen as good equipment and do not want to spend time on anything that isn’t the best. At ICEguide we use equipment that is specially designed skating on natural ice.

We use hinged skates (i.e. loose at the heel) as they are proven effective and very easy to use.
The ice pole is one of the most important parts of our gear to ensure our safety; it works as a preventive measure to check if the ice is good and practicable. You can also separate it into two poles, which is handy to use as regular skiing poles if the ice requires it.
The backpack is specially designed for tour skating; it has a low center of gravity,a hip belt with groin strap and with a waist buckle on the side. These attributes are important as the backpack serves as your buoyancy aids if you were to fall through the ice.
A rescue line and ice claws are attached to your backpack so that you can reach them in all situations.
Gaiters are provided if you want them, which gives good protection between the boots and pants from the wet and cold.
Knee pads and a helmet are also good to wear to insure you don’t get hurt.



In order to make life easy for you and make sure you have a proper change of clothes in a waterproof bag in case you should get wet, we have provided this for you and you will find everything in your backpack.

Click HERE to see changing clothes in the backpack.

All inclusive means that everything for you will be easy, safe and efficient, because all equipment is included.

The ice is a perishable commodity and, thanks to our all-inclusive concept, we are always ready to skate.

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