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Our tours are all inclusive; meaning we provide:

  • All the necessary gear and safety equipment;
  • Friendly and experienced guides;
  • Meals and/or snack (We truly believe that great experiences should come together with great food!);
  • Transportation to/from the activity start, or throughout the entire duration of the tour.

Our skating equipment is the latest and some of the best on the market, and it is complete; including a change of clothes which is packed and ready in your personal backpack. We have chosen to provide this for you as it is the easiest way to guarantee a safe and happy skating experience. The backpack weighs approx. 8kg.

 This is what ICEguide mean with   All inclusive ice skating tour


Our philosophy behind offering ‘all inclusive’ is to save as much time as possible (giving us more time on the ice) and to guarantee the safety of all our guests. If we know we have good equipment and that it is all there, we can all focus on the task in hand – having a fabulous day skating on the beautiful natural ice here in Stockholm!

At ICEguide we use equipment that is specially designed for skating on natural ice:

  • Hinged skates (i.e. loose at the heel) as they are proven effective and very easy to use.
  • Ice poles that can be used as one or split into two.  Ice poles are one of the most important parts of our gear to ensure our safety; we use them to check if the ice ahead of us is good and safe. They can also be used for balance, or as regular skiing poles if the ice requires it.
  • Backpacks that are specially designed for tour skating; they have a low center of gravity, a hip belt with groin strap and a waist buckle on the side. These attributes are important as the backpack serves as your buoyancy aid should you were to fall through the ice.
  • A rescue line and ice claws are attached to your backpacks so that you can reach them in all situations.
  • Gaiters are provided if you would like to use them, they offer protection from the wet and cold by sealing the gap between your boots and trousers.
  • Knee pads and helmets are also provided for your safety.

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In your backpack is a change of clothes in a waterproof bag in the event you get wet.