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Private Ice Skating Day Tour

Quick Details

Skates, boots, backpacks (including safety equipment — we use the best quality equipment on the market!), classic outdoor lunch, transport from central Stockholm to/from the ice

Up to 2 people All ages
Extra Adults From 18 years old
Youths Up to to 17 years old

Your Very Own Skating Experience!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced ice skater, getting your own private guide so you can tour at your own pace is a fantastic idea and an exhilarating experience! Whatever your level or your objectives may be, we can offer a bespoke tour to suit your wishes and desires. Just communicate with us and we’ll ensure your expert guide gives you a day that is truly unforgettable!


  • Experience the thrill and satisfaction of long-distance ice skating on natural ice.
  • Ice skate on a series of small lakes, Lake Mälaren (the fifth-largest lake in Europe) and/or the Baltic Sea in Stockholm’s Archipelago.
  • Spend the day in the great outdoors surrounded by breathtaking scenery.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced English-speaking guides.

The Tour

Very few countries in the world can offer such an excellent environment for long-distance ice skating as Sweden. So we welcome you to join us for a very Swedish winter adventure: ice skating on the best natural ice for the day in and around Stockholm!

We recommend an early start so as to make the most of the daylight hours. Your guide begins by giving you a brief on the tour ahead and the safety equipment you will skate with before driving you out of the city to the best ice for the day somewhere in the outstandingly beautiful natural surroundings of Stockholm.

This tour focuses on whatever objectives you communicate to us, plus a whole lot of fun too! Our expert guides are all experienced nordic skaters and wild skating guides, so they are happy to offer you anything from an introductory session including training to a real journey of discovery for the more experienced skaters!

Your tour can be up to 8 hours, with approx. 6 hours of skating on natural ice either in the Stockholm archipelago or on one of Stockholm’s big lakes. During your tour, you make a stop somewhere sheltered and scenic for a well-earned picnic lunch. There is an open fire, our classic outdoor lunch with grilled hotdogs and hot drinks on offer. Hopefully, there’s some good banter, laughter and insight into Swedish culture and traditions with your skating guide too! Once lunch is finished, there is more time to enjoy the ice with renewed energy before driving back to the city.

Good to Know

  • We encourage an early pick-up so we can make the most of the daylight hours.
  • Communicate your level of skating with us and we will tailor the day to suit you.
  • We plan every ice skating tour carefully with our expert local knowledge and the most up-to-date ice reports to ensure we skate on the best natural ice for the day. This means that, depending on the weather conditions, the location of our adventure and the skating conditions may vary. We could go to a small lake, to Lake Mälaren (the fifth-largest lake in Europe) or to the Baltic Sea in Stockholm’s archipelago — we won’t know until that day. One thing we do know for sure is it’ll be a great experience!
  • The safety equipment you skate with weighs approximately 8 kg.
  • Included meal: classic outdoor lunch and open fire with sausages.
  • No minimum age on private tours.
  • Maximum weight: 130 kg.
  • The transport to the starting point will either be by private minivan or by public transport depending on the size of the group and the ice/weather conditions.
  • When you book, you will receive a list of suggestions on how to dress for the day.
  • This option is for groups up to 8 persons. 
  • Please email us regarding larger groups –
  • If you’d like more than just a day of day ice skating with us, take a look at our Two-Day Private Swedish Skating Adventure or our Three-Day Private Swedish Skating Adventure.

Book Directly with Us

  • NO cancellation fees (cancel up to 24h in advance for a full refund).