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Tour menu 2015

Intro daytour 5-6h

This tour is everybody from the novice/beginner who wants to try out a very unique winter Stockholm experience on natural ice, or wants to learn more about skating. No prior experience is needed.

A day on the ice 8-9h

For the one with experience from skating on ovals/rinks or the one with inline skating or XC skiing skating style experience. With normal to good fitness and is used to sporty outdoor activity’s.

Private guide 8-9h

For the ones that want to go with there own guide.

Swedish Skating Adventure

The Original weekend adventure skating tour since 1997.Our bus travels with us at all times, we got the best skating guides and we stay at fantastic first class country style hotels.

Skating Adventure/COMBO

The Original weekend adventure skating tour turns racing on Sunday, as our bus will go to the start of the 80km Vikingarännet. Two days of adventure skating and one race day.

Skate with friends 8-9h

For the ones that want to go skating with their friends with there own skating guide.

City Brake winter adventure

Stockholm urban adventure city brake hotel package. The best of both worlds if you want ice-skating adventure and experience in Stockholm the capitol of Scandinavia.

Private Skating Adventure

Swedish adventure skating. For friends that wants to skate on their own. We got the best skating guides and we stay at fantastic first class country style hotels.

Corporate groups

Combine corporate meetings with fantastic ice-skating on natural ice from one day to multiple days with hotels or with out hotels. We can help you with your winter meeting.

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Energy & Harmony

Imagine too go along on the large skerries really stretch out your legs with nice long strokes. Glide on the black ice and follow the shoreline. See the bottom through the ice and maybe see some fish swimming around and chasing each other.

Be a component of a human train, as a team effort going to cut thru the wind, to reduce air resistance. Sun is shining on your nose and with some help from the wind you arrive to the destination.

Sitting at the shoreline leaning against a tree and looking out on the ice covered bay meanwhile enjoying a hot drink and peeling an orange fruit.