Welcome to ICEguide AB

ICEguide is an ice skating company that provides guided tours on natural ice in and around Stockholm. The company was founded in 2007 by Joakim Malm; an experienced, authorised skating instructor with many years experience on the ice. ICEguide offers all inclusive experiences for everyone! We offer tours for beginners, intermediates and advanced skaters, and can work with you to tailor make a tour to suit your individual requirements. We also offer multiday skating adventures.  We have guests from all over the world, including Sweden, Mexico, Japan, USA, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and the list goes on! In March 2015 ICEguide bought Stockholm Adventures which has a wide variety of fantastic summer tours and activities. We believe this union of ICEguide (Winter activities) and Stockholm Adventures (Summer activities) to be a perfect match, providing exciting tours and activities all year around! ICEguide is an environmentally friendly company; we are aware of our surroundings when we are out touring and are conscious to leave things as we find them. We use LED lamps, provide ecological lunches and prioritise hotels with ecological profiles. “Our core values are Easy & Safe, Energy & Harmony” Joakim Malm

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