Stockholm ICEguide AB corporate no  SE556958-0250 . It is referred as SIg.



1.1    SIg is responsible to the traveller for what the latter is entitled to demand as a consequence of the agreement. This responsibility also applies to work to be carried out by a party other than SIg. If the dealer is a party to the agreement, he will be responsible to the traveller in the same way as SIg.

1.2    Details in the SIg’s catalogues and brochures are binding for this party. However, SIg may amend details in catalogues or brochures before agreements have been entered into. However, this may be used only if SIg has expressly given notification of this in the catalogue or brochure, and if the traveller is clearly informed of the amendments.

1.3    SIg must keep the traveller informed of issues of importance to the traveller which are connected with the agreement.

1.4    Connecting trips or special arrangements will be included in the agreement only if they are sold or marketed together with the main arrangement for a joint price, or for separate prices linked to one another.

1.5    The agreement will be binding for the parties when SIg has confirmed in writing the traveller’s order and the traveller has paid the agreed application fee within an agreed time according to the instructions of SIg. SIg must confirm the traveller’s order without delay.

1.6    SIg reserves the right to change the price of a booking if the Swedish taxation or fees change.


    • Booking can be made via our websites or at our shop at Kungsbro Strand 21, 112 26 Stockholm.
    • A booking confirmation is send automatically to the traveler by email. If the traveler didn’t receive any booking confirmation within 2h, the email address giving must be wrong or the booking has not succeeded.



3.1    The traveller must pay the full price of the trip at the time of booking.

3.2    Wire/bank/Credit transfer is available at the extra cost of SEK 400 per booking.



4.1    The cancellation fee will always be a minimum of SEK 100 per booking.

4.1.1    Upon cancellation earlier than 30 days prior to departure, the traveller will get a full refund (minus SEK 100).

4.1.2    Upon cancellation later than 30 days but earlier than 14 days prior to departure, the traveller must pay 15 % of the price of the trip.

4.1.3    Upon cancellation later than 14 days but earlier than 48 hours prior to departure, the traveller must pay 50 % of the price of the trip.

4.1.4     If cancellation takes place within 48 hours of departure, the traveller must pay the entire price of the trip.

4.2     SIg do not sale cancellation insurance but recommend the traveller to get his own travel insurance.

4.3    Any traveller who has agreed on shared accommodation with another traveller/other traveller who has/have cancelled their trip must receive accommodation of the same standard at no extra cost which in accordance with the agreement is in an agreed or equivalent hotel/facility, in a room/apartment which is suitable in size for the remaining number of travellers. If no such accommodation can be provided, accommodation must be provided in accordance with the agreement at no further cost to the traveller.

4.4    The traveller must cancel the trip as soon as possible once the reason for the cancellation has arisen. An email has to be send to with the word “CANCELLATION” written in capital letters following by the booking number in the object.

4.5    After cancellation, any amount owing to the traveller in accordance with the above will be refunded without delay, but within 14 days of the cancellation at the latest.



5.1    The traveller is entitled to modify the trip concerning:

– the time off departure where it’s possible to do so without jeopardizing the tour/Service offered.

– the identity of one or several of the members taking part in the trip.

5.2    Upon modification earlier than 7 days prior to departure, the service is free.

5.3    Upon modification later than 7 days but earlier than 48h prior to departure, the modification fee will be SEK 400.

5.4    Within 48 hours of departure, the traveller cannot modify the booking.



6.1    SIg reserves the right to cancel a trip if the upkeep of the activity could put in jeopardy the travellers and employee’s security. The SIg’s guides are the only persons able to take this decision. In the event of this occurring, the traveller will be offered an alternative tour at no extra cost or a full refund.

6.2    SIg reserves the right to cancel a trip if the minimum number of required travellers is not meet 24h before the departure time. In the event of this occurring, the traveller will be offered an alternative tour at no extra cost or a full refund.



7.1    Services not rendered

If, after departure, a significant proportion of the agreed services cannot be provided, SIg must organise appropriate substitute arrangements at no extra cost to the traveller.

If substitute arrangements cannot be organised, or if the traveller rejects such arrangements for acceptable reasons, SIg must, where reasonable, provide equivalent transport back to the place of departure or to another location approved by the traveller at no extra cost to the traveller. If an amendment to the agreement in accordance with the first or second paragraph impairs conditions for the traveller, he will, where reasonable, be entitled to a discount and compensation.

7.2    Other problems and shortcomings

In the event of problems with the agreed services other that those such as are described in 7.1, the traveller will be entitled to compensation unless the problem is due to him.

The traveller will not be entitled to compensation if SIg demonstrates that the problem is due to an obstacle beyond the control of SIg which the latter could not reasonably have been expected to anticipate when the agreement was entered into and the consequences of which the latter could not reasonably have avoided or surmounted.

If the problem is due to someone engaged by SIg, SIg will be exempt from indemnity liability in accordance with the second paragraph if the party whom he has engaged would also be exempt in accordance with this regulation. The same is true if the problem is due to another party at an earlier stage.

In the event of problems which are due to circumstances described in the second or third paragraph, SIg must immediately provide the traveller with the help required.

7.3    Scope of compensation

Compensation in accordance with these terms, apart from compensation for damage to wealth, will include compensation for personal injury or damage to property.

Compensation for damage/injury covered by the regulations of sjölagen (1994:1009, the Maritime Act), luftfartslagen (1957:297, the Aviation Act), järnvägstrafiklagen (1985:192, the Act on Carriage by Rail) or lagen om internationell järnvägstrafik (1985:193, the Act on International Carriage by Rail) will be paid in accordance with the said laws as they stand at the time the damage/injury occurred instead of in accordance with these terms. However, SIg will always be liable to compensate the traveller for what the latter is entitled to claim in accordance with the said acts.

It is the responsibility of the traveller to limit the damage to the greatest possible extent.



8.1    The traveller may not cite faults in what he is entitled to claim as a consequence of the agreement unless he notifies the SIg of the fault within a reasonable time after having noticed or after he should have noticed the fault. This should take place at the destination if possible.

8.2    Without prejudice to 8.1, the traveller may cite faults if SIg or dealer has acted with gross negligence or contrary to faith and honour.

8.3    If the traveller lodges complaints which are not unjustified, the SIg or his local representative must immediately implement action to find an appropriate solution.



9.1    The SIg’s instructions, etc.

The traveller is obliged to comply with the instructions for the running of the trip given by the guide or by another person engaged by SIg. The traveller is obliged to respect the regulations which apply to the trip and to transport, hotels, etc. and behave in such a way as not to disturb fellow travellers or others. If the traveller infringes this regulation considerably, the SIg may cancel the agreement.

9.2    The traveller’s responsibility for damage

The traveller will be responsible for any loss which he causes to SIg due to neglect, for example by failing to comply with instructions given or regulations.

It is the responsibility of the traveller to compensate for damage with a legal foundation in respect of anyone engaged by the SIg to help run the trip.

9.3    Passports, visas, health regulations, etc.

The traveller is responsible for undertaking the requisite formalities for the completion of the trip, such as the holding of a valid passport, visa, vaccinations and insurance. The traveller is responsible for all costs arising due to shortcomings in the said formalities, such as transport home as a consequence of failing to hold a passport.

9.4    Deviation from the arrangement

Any traveller who deviates from the arrangement once the trip has commenced will be obliged to notify SIg or his representative of this. The traveller must contact SIg at the latest 48 hours prior to the return time specified by SIg in order to check details on the trip home.



The parties should attempt to resolve disputes relating to the interpretation or application of the agreement by means of negotiation. If the parties are unable to agree, the dispute may be reviewed by Allmänna reklamationsnämnden, the National Board for Consumer Complaints, or by an ordinary court of law.