What is ICEguide?

ICEguide is a company that offers ice skating tours and events on natural ice; always with a guide and always all inclusive. This means we supply all necessary skating and safety equipment. Ice skating on natural ice has several different names; Nordic Skating, Trip skating, Long distance ice skating, Wild skating, Tour skating. All of it is done on natural ice and we prefer to just call it ice skating. We offer the best skating for the day witch means that we go to different places just about every day some times we use public transportation some times we use minibuses to the ice it all depends on the ice.

What tour option should I choose?

The intro day tour is for anyone without any prior knowledge about ice skating or  for those who wish to learn more about ice-skating on natural ice. You need to have a normal fitness level and need to be eager for a unique experience on natural ice! the total time is 5-6h and the time we are on the ice is about 3-4h its also includes our classic skate lunch.

“A day on the ice” tour is for those that have either done skating, cross country skiing “skating style” or inline skating before and have normal to good fitness (or sporty in general). During this tour we are able to cover a longer distance on the ice to get as much skating done as possible.

“Private Guide” and “Skate with Friends” are tour options where the participants sets the pace. These are private tours for those who wish to set their own pace and have their own guide.

“Swedish Skating Adventure” and multiple day/weekend tour options need more skating experience. Here we want you to have some experience from natural ice or skating on ovals,and have normal to good fitness as we are on skates for three full days in a row. The group gets divided into smaller groups that skate at different speeds and distances. We also have a bus with us at all times in case you don’t feel like skating at some point.

I have never skated before, can I join a tour?

Yes, you can! We recommend you to book the intro tour; it suits anyone who has no skating experience.

What’s the distance and how fast do we skate?

It’s always the ice, the weather conditions and the participants in the group that sets the pace. The time estimates depend on what tour option you have chosen, below you can see an estimate: Intro day tour: 5-30km. A day on the ice tour: 20-70km. Private Guide: you set the pace. Skate with Friends: you set the pace. Swedish Skating adventures multiple day tours: 30-70 km (we split into smaller groups to fulfill different riding requirements).

I want to skate in Stockholm’s archipelago?

We offer ice skating on natural ice and skate in the archipelago as much as possible, but as the weather is always changing we prefer to take our groups to the best ice in the area. This means that we sometimes need to prioritize skating on lakes in the area.

How large are the tour groups?

For social and safety reasons there are never more than 10 participants per guide. The average group size is around 5 people on our day tours and 8 on our multiple day tours.

How long will the ground transportation take to Stockholm city?

Stockholm Arlanda (ARN) Speed train 20min www.arlandaexpress.se, Bus 40 min www.flygbussarna.se/arlanda, City: Bromma (BMA) Bus 20 min www.flygbussarna.se/bromma, Low cost: Skavsta (NYO) Bus 80min www.flygbussarna.se/skavsta

What clothing do you recommend for me to wear?

When you have completed your booking you will receive a PDF document by e-mail with suggestions on what to wear for an active winter activity.

How can I prepare and practice back home before the tour?

When you have completed your reservation we can send you additional information upon request.

Is it safe to skate on natural ice?

Our number one priority is to make sure our tours are as safe as possible by choosing the safest and best ice for the day. To ensure this we provide our customers with very experienced guides and all necessary safety equipment. We will make sure that all gear is put on properly and that you understand how to use it before heading out on your tour.

Do you offer Self guided packages?

Yes we do. Click on the tour menu for more info.

Can we rent just skates?

Yes you can.

Can we bring our child on the tour?

We have a 15 year age-limit on our Intro day tours and A Day On the Ice tour where you skate with other customers. If you would like to bring your children on a skating adventure we recommend for you to book our Private Guide or Skate with Friends options where you have your own guide. We have an 18 year age-limit on our multiple day tours. If in doubt, contact us.

Can I use my own Nordic/Tour/Trip skates?

Yes, you can, as long as you are able to take the actual skate blade off and walk with your boots.  If in doubt, please contact us. There is no price difference if you bring your own skates. You are not allowed to use hockey or figure skates on our open tours( you can of cause book us for an private guided tour and use you’re  hockey or figure skates) here below is the boots with rubber sole and skates with Rottefella bindings from Lundhags that we use for our tours and rentals.


Can I bring and use my own safety equipment?

No. To ensure our customers safety we always use our own equipment. Everything is packed and ready for you when you arrive to start your tour. You can choose to use your own Nordic/Tour/Trip skates as long as you are able to take the actual skate off and walk with your boots. If in doubt, please contact us. There is no price difference if you bring your own skates.

What is RED alert skating?

Are you a spontaneous person eager to skate on the best ice available? RED alert is a contact list where we get in touch with you as soon as we find a fantastic skating opportunity somewhere in Sweden. This is often short notice trips with a chance to experience something unique. For example, we may find the perfect ice on the coast of Gothenburg. We will then send you an e-mail with prices, details, times and which airport you need to fly to. All you need to do is decide if you you wish to join us for what could be the ice of your dreams and the best ice skating you will ever experience.

What if you can’t find any ice?

We have ice-skated on natural ice since 1997 and have a very good track record of finding ice to skate, leading to lots of happy clients. We do, however, need to be realistic and therefore have various plan B solutions. These options include snow shoes, XC/Back country Skiing and Mountain bikes with studded tires, but are very rarely used as we almost always find ice to skate on.

Will you cancel a tour due to bad weather?

No, we will not. We are ann outdoor company offering outdoor tours we know that the weather do change and we plan accordingly to that. But our numer one priority at all times is safety and if our guide think its unsafe then we will not skate but we  will offer ann alternative outdoor activity.

I have heard that there is no ice to skate on in Stockholm?

We receive this question even from people living in Stockholm. We are out skating nearly every day and feel very confident that we can find ice to skate on thanks to our local knowledge and extensive network with sources we trust. Follow and “like” our Facebook page and you will see photos and videos of our latest tours.

I’m having trouble with my payment?

We accept both credit and debit cards. If your payment does not go through it is usually due to the following things: – the card is locked for international transfers – there is a maximum spending fee on your card for international transfers – you have forgotten to fill in the 3 digit security code (CVC/CVV) – there are not sufficient funds on the account If your payment still does not go through, please contact us.

What is the standard of the hotels?

You can read more about our partner hotels below Arlanda Airport: Radisson BLU Arlandia hotel, Stockholm city: Radisson BLU Royal Viking hotel. They are booth ranked with a 4 star superior mark. We have around 60 different hotels located around the middle of Sweden in our skating area.  All individually owned, high quality hotels with a character. Most of the hotels have a sauna that we can use before we eat our two-meal dinner.  They are all rated between 3+to 4 stars on the EU hotel stars list. Read more about the Hotel stars EU here. We call them “First class country style hotels”. With this in mind, we can’t say beforehand what size the bed or the room is, but the rooms always have separate beds. More than 50% of our partner hotels have the Eco label Svanen which we are really happy to support as we believe we need to take responsibility for our environment. Read more about the label here Svanen Eco label

How do I get to the Radisson BLU Royal Viking Hotel from the airport?

The hotel is located near Stockholm’s centralstation, next to the Arlanda express train station and the City bus terminal (to where all airport buses arrive from Arlanda ARN, Bromma BMA and Skavsta NYO). The nearest subway station is Centralstation/T-Centralen The hotel address is Vasagatan 1. It is located only a 5 min walk from our shop if you need anything before your tour.

What is included in a day tour?

Skating guide and all skating and safety gear, including skate specific boots, helmet and a down vest, our classic skate lunch all is packed in a backpack that all participants carry for personal safety reasons and weights about 10-12kg. Transport* is also included to/from the ice .
*= ICEguide reserves the rights to choose means of transportation in regards of the group size and where the best ice is for the moment.


Where is the meeting point for the day tours?

At our shop, located on Kungsbro Strand 21. If you arrive by subway the stations name is “T Centralen”. From there it is a 5 minute walk. As you make the booking you will also receive a simple map showing the meeting point.

What items are we required & recommended to bring with us for a day tour?

Only personal clothing for being outside in the winter. We supply the rest.(as you make the booking you will receive  a list of suggestions how to dress for a winter activity).
If you miss or forgot to bring something, a glove, shell pants etc, please contacts us beforehand and we might be able to help you with that item.

I forgot to bring some personal clothing for the day tour?

Send us an e-mail or text message and we will try to provide you with that item.

What should I bring with me for the day tour?

After you have booked you will receive a PDF document with suggestions on how to dress for a winter activity. Everything other than what you are wearing is included.

Can we book a 3-bed room for the weekend tours?

No. We have over 60 partner hotels that we work with regularly, some might have 3-bed rooms and some may not. Due to us always going to where the best ice is it is impossible for us to know which hotel we will be staying at, at the time of your booking. We have therefore made a decision not to offer 3-bed rooms as it creates lots of extra administration and time, time which we would rather focus on finding the best ice for you.
We suggest that you book one double room and one single room and take turns over the three nights.

I am traveling alone, can I book a single room or will I be put in a shared double room? Will there be an extra cost for a single room?

Unfortunately we do not have the possibility to book you into a shared double room due to late bookings and as we don’t know what hotel we will be staying at at the time of your booking.
When you book you can choose 1 person and you will automatically end up in a single room. The extra cost depends on the hotel you choose to stay at the first night, and can vary between 500-1200 SEK.

What hotel options can we choose for the Swedish Skating Adventure?

On our weekend tours we always skate for three days, Friday- Sunday. We have different hotel options for you to choose between for the first night, Thursday to Friday.  The most commonly booked hotels are the Radisson BLU Arlandia hotel located at Arlanda airport, and Radisson BLU Royal Viking hotel located in central Stockholm. If neither of these options work for you, you can choose to book your own hotel for the first night.
You choose the hotel you prefer and make your own way there. We do not provide pick ups from the airport.
We offer Single and Double rooms with separate beds.
Please note that it does not work to fly into Stockholm  on Friday morning. If you want to join the tour you need to come on the Thursday.
The remaining two hotel nights are arranged for you.

How do I get to the Radisson BLU Arlandia Hotel from the airport?

There is free airport bus shuttle that leaves the terminal every 15 min which takes around 5 mins.

How do I get to the Radisson BLU Royal Viking Hotel from the airport?

It is located near Stockholm’s centralstation, next to the Arlanda express train station and the City bus terminal (to where all airport buses arrive from Arlanda ARN, Bromma BMA and Skavsta NYO).
The nearest subway station is Centralstation/T-Centralen
The hotel address is Vasagatan 1.
It is located only a 5 min walk from our shop if you need anything before your tour.

What is the Swedish Skating Adventure?

It is the original three day weekend skating adventure which started in 1997. We have the most experienced and friendliest skating guides, all skating and safety gear is included, our deluxe bus which is always with us so that we can skate with the wind, 3 to 4 star first class country style hotels with character, serving superb two meal dinners.

What is the COMBO tour?

It is practically the same as the Swedish Skating Adventure but ends with you being dropped off at the the start of Vikingarännet, a 80 km long skating race.  After the race, we pick up the participants at the finish line and bring them to Arlanda airport. If  Vikingarännet for some reason is canceled or moved to another weekend, we turn the tour into a regular adventure skating day. By doing this we will make sure that you always get to skate for three days.

Is the Vikingarännet race fee included in the COMBO price?

No. Since the price of the race changes and increases in price the later you book, you need to buy your own ticket.
You can easily book and pay your ticket at www.vikingarannet.com. When you make your reservation you will be asked to fill in a box called “Other information”. Write “Swedish Skating Adventure” in this box and your number label will be given to you in the bus at the start of the race.

What should I bring with me for the multiple day tour?

When you have booked you will receive a PDF document with suggestions on how to dress for a winter activity. You also need to bring a thermos  and a down vest (or likewise) to use during our outdoor lunch breaks.